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Connecting the World through Global Shipping Networks
Journal of Shipping and Trade
Edited by: Jan Hoffman, Gordon Wilmsmeier and Venus Lun
Collection first published: July 20 2016

Environmental challenges and solutions in shipping
Journal of Shipping and Trade
Edited by: Thierry Vanelslander, Edwin van Hassel and Venus Lun
Collection first published: July 20 2016

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Aims and scope

Journal of Shipping and Trade (JST) is an open access, multi-disciplinary publication that focuses both on business & management, as well as transportation-related fields. JST aims to promote practices in shipping and to improve the management of global trade activities. Towards achieving these objectives, JST provides a vehicle to facilitate professionals, academics, researchers, and policy makers in the field to disseminate information and to learn from one another’s work. As a scholarly journal emphasizing shipping and trade related studies and research, JST plays a key role in establishing communication links among global shipping and trade researchers. JST also aims to contribute to current and emerging issues in shipping and trade as raised by global and regional public bodies (such as the World Bank and OECD) and major market players. JST considers papers covering shipping economics, trade and economic development, transportation management, global port management, regional studies, environmental management in shipping and trade, business model development, as well as other related topics.


Waivers for article-processing charges (APC's) are available at the editors' discretion, and authors are encouraged to contact the Editor-in-Chief.

Open Thematic Series

Modelling Approaches for Transport Policy Support
Deadline for submissions: 31 August, 2017