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Table 2 Factors grouped by type

From: Investigating the bunkering choice determinants: the case of the port of Antwerp

1st level 2nd level
PRICE Fuel price
PROP_F Fuel quality
COST_OTH Port tariffs
Prices of complementary services for fuel supply at berth (pilotage, mooring, etc.)
Prices of complementary services for fuel supply at anchorage
GEO Geographical advantage
Accessibility to port (from sea side)
Hinterland proximity
P_CONGESTION Anchoring and docking availability
Supply waiting time
Provision of services, port congestion
Port access waiting time
PROP_P Ship inspection thoroughness
Simplicity of crew changes
Presence of restrictive environmental regulations
Customs strictness
Clear and precise information about services
Port security
Organizational tradition and capacity
Industrial disputes
  1. Source: own composition