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Table 3 Attribute levelsa

From: Investigating the bunkering choice determinants: the case of the port of Antwerp

Attribute Attribute description Attribute levels
PRICE Price, USD/t 650 625 600 575 550
PROP_F Quality of fuel provision: trust that correct quantities and quality bunkered no yes    
COST_OTH Other costs related to calling port +20% +10% 0 −10% −20%
GEO Market fit with the location of the port Bad: small market, far (3 or more days) from O/D of goods Average: medium-sized market, or further (1–2 days) from O/D of cargo Good: where the market is, less than ½ day by truck
P_CONGESTION Port congestion High Medium Low   
PROP_P Administrative attractiveness of the port Low Medium High   
  1. Source: Own composition
  2. athe most likely preferred attribute levels appear last