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Table 1 List of observed and latent variables

From: The impacts of port infrastructure and logistics performance on economic growth: the mediating role of seaborne trade

Latent Construct Observed Indicators Abbreviation
Quality of port infrastructure (QPI) Quality of port infrastructure QPI
Logistics performance (LP) Ability to track and trace consignments LPIAT
Competence and quality of logistics services LPICQ
Ease of arranging competitively priced shipments LPIEA
Efficiency of customs clearance process LPIEC
Frequency with which shipments reach consignee within scheduled or expected time LPIFS
Quality of trade and transport-related infrastructure LPIQT
Seaborne trade (ST) Container port traffic (‘000 TEUs) CT
Liner shipping connectivity index LSC
National economy (NE) GDP per capita, PPP (Int. $) PGDP