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Table 6 Criteria Related to the Operation Category

From: Transshipment hub port selection criteria by shipping lines: the case of hub ports around the bay of Bengal

Criteria Description
Port capacity The overall capacity of the hub port from the viewpoint of shipping lines.
Berth availability Berth availability based on the shipping line’s experience (opportunities for on-arrival berths, berthing windows, etc.).
Frequency of delays The frequency of delays at the hub port, which increases the shipping line’s dissatisfaction, as liner shipping services are operated with pre-defined time schedules.
Records of damages The occurrence of damage at hub ports from the shipping line’s experience.
Port authority/custom policies/regulations The nature of the business-friendly environment at the hub port and whether there are very complex and time-consuming procedures/documentation and regulations.
Port infrastructure The availability of adequate and advanced port infrastructure.
Port superstructure The availability of adequate and advanced facilities for vessel/cargo handling.
IT and advanced technology The availability of advanced IT systems and related technology that enhance convenience for shipping lines.
Logistics facilities The capability of providing advanced logistics facilities for multi-country consolidations, warehousing, and so on, which are essential for a transshipment hub port.
Efficiency of navigational services The efficiency of navigational services, such as pilotage, towage, and so on, which are significant due to the large numbers of vessel movements and larger vessel sizes at a hub port.
Efficiency of husbandry services The efficiency of various husbandry services, such as ship repairs, bunkering, and so on, at the hub port.
Professional employees The presence of professional employees, which enhances convenience for shipping lines when doing business.
Marketing efforts Marketing efforts, including effective port pricing, incentives, and long-term business relationships.
Port flexibility to shipping line requests Flexibility in dealing with shipping lines’ special requests, operational changes, additional requirements, and so on, which could be important due to large handling volumes at hub ports.
Financial clearance capability The capability to provide financial clearance without inefficient and complicated clearance processes, financial settlement durations, and so on.