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Table 7 Criteria Related to the Liner-Related Category

From: Transshipment hub port selection criteria by shipping lines: the case of hub ports around the bay of Bengal

Criteria Description
Availability of dedicated/own terminal This criterion could be important given the contemporary nature of the liner shipping industry, as many ports currently facilitate dedicated terminals for shipping lines and shipping lines also invest in/develop their own terminals at major ports.
Personal contacts Since the maritime industry is characterized by strong networks of relationships among business players, personal contacts tend to be important.
Special preferences on shipping lines This criterion refers to the special preferences on shipping lines, such as incentives, favorable berthing windows, on-arrival berths, and so on.
Availability of feeder services The high availability of feeder services is an essential component in hub and spoke networks. Some shipping lines can have their own feeder services serving hub ports.
Opinion/preferences of shipper/forwarder A shipping line’s hub port selection decision could be influenced by the opinions/preferences of that shipping line’s own customers, such as shippers, forwarders, and so on.
Position of hub port with shipping line’s services The position of a hub port relative to a shipping line’s own services, the proximity of the port to the next/previous hub ports with the same available service, the availability of alternative hub ports in the same region, and so on are all important.