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Table 5 Ship Parameters for two types of chemical ships

From: Investment decisions under uncertainty on LNG-powered vessels for environmental compliance

Options Unit Traditional Typea New Typeb
Oil ship with SCR LNG fuelled ship with SCR
Main engines and propulsion
 Engine speed Low Low
 Engine type Diesel Dual Fuel Diesel
 Propulsion system Direct Direct
Auxiliary engine
 Engine speed Medium Medium
 Engine type Diesel Dual Fuel gas
 Fuel (in ECA) LSFO (0.1% S) LNG, LSFO
 Off ECA MGO (0.5% S) LNG
SCR   Installed Installed
 Deadweight DWT 19,000 19,000
 Speed Knot 13.3 13.3
 Days at sea Days 35 35
 Days at ports Days 13 13
 Fuel consumption at sea Tonnes/day 23.7 20.88
 Fuel consumption at port(MGO) Tonnes/day 9.4 3.12
  1. Source: Stolt Nielsen Chemical Company in Shanghai and Dingheng Shipbuilding Co. ltd
  2. a means the ship burning oil-based fuels, while b denotes the ship burning LNG