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Table 3 Transport Policy Measures covered by HIGH-TOOL

From: HIGH-TOOL – a strategic assessment tool for evaluating EU transport policies

Category Single Pre-Defined Transport Policy Measures
Efficiency standards and flanking measures Improving local public transport
Deployment of efficient vehicles
Replacement of inefficient LDVs and buses
HDV limitation for urban areas
LDV speed limit
Diffusion of H2 fuel cell cars
Diffusion of electro cars
Replacement of inefficient cars
Pricing CO2 feebates for road transport
CO2 certificate system for road transport
Circulation tax for cars
Internalization of external costs
HDV infrastructure change
Urban road charging
Research and innovation Intelligent road vehicles
Dynamic traffic management for road
Intelligent traffic information system for road
Road vehicle safety technology protecting other transport users
Safety systems for road vehicle users
Internal market Acceleration of TEN-T implementation
River information system
European Rail Traffic Management System
Harmonized handling of dangerous goods
Harmonization of rail safety
Harmonized social rules for truck drivers
Opening the internal IWW market
Enhance service quality at ports
Maritime traffic management system
Freight corridor management
Single rail vehicle authorization and certification