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Table 2 Five Components Rotated - Pattern Matrixa

From: Evaluating ocean carrier selection criteria: perspectives of Tasmanian shippers

Items Component
Pricing of service Network & schedule Door-to-door service Cargo Corporate social responsibility
Lowest possible freight rate 0.783     
Stability of freight rate 0.715     
Flexibility of freight rate 0.602     
Domestic service network   0.782    
International service network   0.751    
Schedule reliability (on-time arrival and departure)   0.746    
Schedule frequency (e.g. sufficient number of sailings per week)   0.731    
Transit timeframe   0.728    
Ability to provide integrated door-to-door service    0.701   
Integration and co-ordination with land-based logistics operations    0.681   
Capacity availability     0.869  
Seasonal capacity availability     0.848  
Cargo security and safety     0.872  
Refrigerated container or trailer capability     0.851  
Perceived reputation of carrier      0.817
Carrier’s stated or perceived commitment to Tasmanian services      0.808
Problem-solving capability      0.795
  1. Extraction Method: Principal Component Analysis
  2. Rotation Method: Oblimin with Kaiser Normalization
  3. a. Rotation converged in 17 iterations