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Table 1 Sampling frame for qualitative and quantitative phase

From: Exploring seaport - dry ports dyadic integration to meet the increase in container vessels size

Participant in qualitative phase Convenience sampling strategy Population Sampling size
 Dry port operators Selecting from dry port operators in Malaysia 4 4
(FIP* 1,2,3, and 4)
 Ministry of Transportation Selecting from Port Division 1 1
(FIP 5)
 Marine Department Selecting from Maritime Transportation Division 1 1
(FIP 6)
 Seaport authorities Port Klang Authority, Penang Port Commission, and Johor Port Authority
(major seaport authorities)
6 2
(FIP 7 and 8)
 Seaport operators Westport, Northport, Penang Port, and PTP (seaport operator administered by main seaport authorities) 11 2
(FIP 9 and 10)
 TOTAL 23 10
Stratum in quantitative phase Stratified Sampling frame Population Sampling size
 Shippers Key shippers listed in Port Klang, PTP, and Penang Port. 20 20
 Rail operators Samples selected from 5 regional branches of Malaysian Railway that handled containers. 10 10
 Seaports Selecting operational, container, and logistics executives in all seaports including their branches. 21 21
 TOTAL 51 51
  1. FIP (Face-to-face interview participant)