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Table 5 Impact of vessel enlargement on seaport competitiveness

From: Exploring seaport - dry ports dyadic integration to meet the increase in container vessels size

No Factors Items Factor Loading Cronbach Alpha
1 Seaport accessibility Long total stay times 0.877 0.830
Waiting times for the majority of vessels 0.757
Insufficient infra- and supra-structure (such as nautical accessibility, quay wall, etc.) 0.655
Unsafe passing channel at the port 0.628
Limitation of operations in port 0.579
2 Seaport infrastructure Large number of skilled labourers 0.782 0.752
Inland transportation system must be well connected 0.704
Draft limitation to accommodate deep-draft ships (such as low water depth access channel and berth) 0.653
Large quantity of equipment 0.588
3 Seaport service quality Demand plug-in for cooling and refrigerated containers 0.754 0.745
Face congestion from surge of internal and external traffic 0.752
High utilization rates 0.613
Insufficient information sharing 0.564
4 Port capacity Quay cranes outreach capable serving 0.816 0.634
Expended storage capacity 0.791
5 Seaport efficiency Slow/quick turnaround time 0.720 0.708
Affecting productivity of container yard 0.665