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Table 2 Criteria for damage grades; Data source: (Containerbasis 2016b)

From: A decision model on the repair and maintenance of shipping containers

Grade A B C D
Container is excellent good warehousing inferior
in... quality     
Repaired? Yes, to Yes Yes, with steel No
  IICL 5 or 6   or aluminium  
Damage? Small buckles, Buckles and Buckles and Strong
  small scratches, scratches in scratches in damages
  no limitation in light to middle middle to strong  
  transport of goods extent extent  
Rust-extent? Light inside or Light to stronger Middle to strong Existing
  outside inside or inside and  
   outside outside  
Wind-weather- Yes Yes Yes Depends
CSC plate? Valid Valid Invalid Invalid
Suitability? Transport of goods, Export, ware- Warehousing With fortune
  warehousing, housing, freight   warehousing,
  leasing suitable shape   often used as
     noise barrier