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Table 1 Different elements, which can be considered when defining inspection points

From: Leading indicators and maritime safety: predicting future risk with a machine learning approach

Self Inspection Document for Ship Operator Self Checklist for Shipboard Safety Management System Guidelines on the marine assessment of F(P) SOs
Certification and manning Shipboard tour Regulatory compliance
Management and personnel Company responsibilities Crew and contractor management
Bridge Designated person Navigational equipment
Mooring Master’s responsibilities and authority Safety and security management
Cargo operations Resources and personnel Electrical equipment
Engine department Key shipboard operations Pollution prevention and environmental management
Operational safety Emergency preparedness Structural condition
Health, safety and personnel protection Deficiency control Operations
Firefighting / Lifesaving Maintenance Mooring
Environmental protection Document control Communications
Security Internal audit and system review Navigation, propulsion and active heading control
  1. Source: CDI (2016), ClassNK (2018), OCIMF (2016)