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Table 6 Fully multilateral VAR results: Relations with China

From: Do political relations affect international trade? Evidence from China’s twelve trading partners

  Australia France Germany Indonesia Japan Korea Pakistan Russia US UK Vietnam
Australia          To China (+)   From China (+)
France Relations (+)           
Germany To China (+)     Relations (-)   To China (+)     To China (-)
Indonesia       From China (+)   From China (+)    
Japan           To China (+)  
Korea     To China (-)    To China (+) From China (+)   Relations (+)  
Pakistan    From China (-) From China (-)   From China (+)      
Russia    To China (-)     From China (+)   Relations (-)   To China (+)
UK          From China (+)   
Vietnam From China (+) From China (+) From China (-)      From China (+) From China (-)   
  1. Each row in this table corresponds to a single equation in the VAR system for a relation between China and the country identified in the lefthand side column. The nature of the relation (trade or political) is stated in the title of the table. A non-empty cell in the table denotes a statistically-significant (p-value ≤0.05) finding between a variable involving China and a country other than the country indicated by the entry in the lefthand side column of the row in question. The nature of the variable is indicated by the contents of the cell (“to China” means exports to China, “from China” means imports from China, “relations” means the political relations). The country with which China has this particular relation is stated at the top of the column of the cell in question