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  1. Financial technical analysis of markets and trends differs from fundamental analysis in that econometrics are used on “fundamental” economic data in fundamental analysis. Technical analysis, however, adds to t...

    Authors: Joan Mileski, Christopher Clott, Cassia Bomer Galvao and Taliese Laverne
    Citation: Journal of Shipping and Trade 2020 5:26
  2. The use of shipping containers for the transport of goods has become indispensable and a crucial factor for globalization by providing inexpensive and safe transport opportunities. It is expected that the numb...

    Authors: Niclas Hoffmann, Robert Stahlbock and Stefan Voß
    Citation: Journal of Shipping and Trade 2020 5:22
  3. China’s growing influence on the world has generated profound effects on the political and economic decisions of her partner nations. Recent conflict escalation between China and western countries gives rise t...

    Authors: Gregory Whitten, Xiaoyi Dai, Simon Fan and Yu Pang
    Citation: Journal of Shipping and Trade 2020 5:21
  4. Seaport terminals are major facilitators of international trade. One issue that is very crucial to the performance and survival of seaport terminals is the quality of service provided. However, in order to enh...

    Authors: Daniel Sakyi, Christian Kwarteng Appiah, Enock Kojo Ayesu, Mustapha Immurana and Samuel Tawiah Baidoo
    Citation: Journal of Shipping and Trade 2020 5:17
  5. Emphasis on sustainability practices is growing globally in the shipping industry due to regulations on emissions from transportation as well as increasing customer demand for sustainability. This research aim...

    Authors: Oskari Lähdeaho, Olli-Pekka Hilmola and Riitta Kajatkari
    Citation: Journal of Shipping and Trade 2020 5:16
  6. This study analyses 98 Internet pages of sea ports located in Sweden, Finland and Estonia during years 2017–2019. Aim of the study is to find, how website basic design is completed (colours and languages), how...

    Authors: Olli-Pekka Hilmola, Andres Tolli and Ain Kiisler
    Citation: Journal of Shipping and Trade 2020 5:15
  7. In 2013 Chinese government unveiled one of the biggest transport plan schemes worldwide: the One Belt One Road (OBOR) strategy, now called the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). This scheme includes the developme...

    Authors: Claudio Ferrari and Alessio Tei
    Citation: Journal of Shipping and Trade 2020 5:14
  8. Shippers and Freight Forwarding Agents spend much time clearing their cargo from the Ghanaian ports. As a result, the cost of doing business in Ghana through the Tema and Takoradi ports is high. This research ...

    Authors: Richmond Kwesi Ansah, Kwabena Obiri-Yeboah and Grace Akipelu
    Citation: Journal of Shipping and Trade 2020 5:10
  9. In this conceptual paper, we review latest developments related to unmanned vessels and sketch potential scenarios that implicate with the existing maritime industry structure. On the one hand, we isolate a ra...

    Authors: Konstantinos Poulis, Gregorios C. Galanakis, Gregory T. Triantafillou and Efthimios Poulis
    Citation: Journal of Shipping and Trade 2020 5:9
  10. Effective liner shipping is important for the global seaborne trade. The volume of cargoes transported by liner shipping has been increasing over the past decades. Liner shipping companies face three levels of...

    Authors: Junayed Pasha, Maxim A. Dulebenets, Masoud Kavoosi, Olumide F. Abioye, Oluwatosin Theophilus, Hui Wang, Raphael Kampmann and Weihong Guo
    Citation: Journal of Shipping and Trade 2020 5:8
  11. Previous research have distinguished the risks of supply chain disruptions and the negative effect of supply chain disruption on operational performance in terms of sales, costs and inventory. However, few res...

    Authors: Erica Lindroth, Hà Huong and Rickard Bergqvist
    Citation: Journal of Shipping and Trade 2020 5:5
  12. Since the launch of the One Belt, One Road (OBOR) initiative in 2015, China has announced its intention to invest in major infrastructure projects to promote trade and co-operation with its trading partners al...

    Authors: Loon Ching Tang and Joyce M.W. Low
    Citation: Journal of Shipping and Trade 2020 5:3
  13. International maritime shipping is confronted from 2006 onwards with regulation until 2030 by different policy actors (i.e. International Maritime Organization, hereafter IMO), the EU) in order to improve the ...

    Authors: Seyed Abolfazl Mohseni, Edwin van Hassel, Christa Sys and Thierry Vanelslander
    Citation: Journal of Shipping and Trade 2019 4:15
  14. The purpose of this paper is to improve service quality of international freight forwarders and explore practical business solutions to enhance customer service level. Freight forwarder usually acts as an agen...

    Authors: Sheng Teng Huang, Emrah Bulut and Okan Duru
    Citation: Journal of Shipping and Trade 2019 4:14
  15. Many national and international bodies, such as the European Commission, encourage the use of environment-friendly transport modes. Local and national authorities take more and more measures, for instance road...

    Authors: Katrien De Langhe, Hilde Meersman, Christa Sys, Eddy Van de Voorde and Thierry Vanelslander
    Citation: Journal of Shipping and Trade 2019 4:13
  16. The seaport-hinterland access infrastructures become more saturated leading to extra unpredictable costs for logistics operators. To keep their services competitive, infrastructure managers (such as port autho...

    Authors: Valentin Carlan, Dries Naudts, Pieter Audenaert, Bart Lannoo and Thierry Vanelslander
    Citation: Journal of Shipping and Trade 2019 4:12
  17. China’s Belt and Road Initiative, announced in late 2013, includes the construction of land-based transport connections between Asia and Europe, the creation of an economic belt for Eurasian cooperation, and m...

    Authors: Dick Dunmore, Alberto Preti and Clémence Routaboul
    Citation: Journal of Shipping and Trade 2019 4:10
  18. Strategic alliances in the container shipping sector, and requirements imposed by consolidated hinterland modalities such as trains and barges, have resulted in container terminals facing increasing pressures ...

    Authors: R. B. Castelein, H. Geerlings and J. H. R. Van Duin
    Citation: Journal of Shipping and Trade 2019 4:7
  19. E-commerce is experiencing strong global growth, and leading market is nowadays that of China, whether it is evaluated from the perspective of domestic market size or cross-border volumes. In this research wor...

    Authors: Yulia Panova, Albert Tan, Olli-Pekka Hilmola, M. H. Puvindran, Xu Hongsheng and Weidong Li
    Citation: Journal of Shipping and Trade 2019 4:6
  20. The global container shipping network is vital to international trade. Current techniques for its vulnerability assessment are constrained due to the lack of historical disruption data and computational limita...

    Authors: Pablo E. Achurra-Gonzalez, Panagiotis Angeloudis, Nils Goldbeck, Daniel J. Graham, Konstantinos Zavitsas and Marc E. J. Stettler
    Citation: Journal of Shipping and Trade 2019 4:3
  21. Both trade and transport logistics activities have impressively flourished among the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) countries over the past decades. Based on these observations, this paper conj...

    Authors: Kee-hung Lai, Yu Pang, Christina W. Y. Wong, Y. H. Venus Lun and Y. N. Eppie Ng
    Citation: Journal of Shipping and Trade 2019 4:2
  22. This paper deals multidimensional examination of performances of a trunk line/route of liner container-shipping network serving an intercontinental supply chain by the conventional (Panamax Max) and mega (ULC ...

    Authors: Milan Janić
    Citation: Journal of Shipping and Trade 2018 3:13
  23. The objective is to forecast the impact of potential Brexit scenarios on the export volume of passenger cars from Germany to the UK. Based on Germany’s total export volume of passenger cars, a double-logarithm...

    Authors: Jacqueline Karlsson, Helena Melin and Kevin Cullinane
    Citation: Journal of Shipping and Trade 2018 3:12
  24. In this paper the strategic transport policy assessment instrument HIGH-TOOL is presented. The model has been developed for the European Commission, allowing policy-makers to identify the most advantageous tra...

    Authors: E. Szimba, J. Ihrig, M. Kraft, K. Mitusch, M. Chen, M. Chahim, J. van Meijeren, J. Kiel, B. Mandel, A. Ulied, E. Larrea, G. De Ceuster, R. Van Grol, Z. Berki, A. Székely and R. Smith
    Citation: Journal of Shipping and Trade 2018 3:11
  25. This study investigated the role of information systems usage in enhancing port logistics performance using the port of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, as an example. Specifically, the study examined the role of info...

    Authors: James Mlimbila and Ulingeta O. L. Mbamba
    Citation: Journal of Shipping and Trade 2018 3:10
  26. The deployment of mega container ships with a capacity for 18,000 + TEU on major trade lanes is a recent trend within the ocean shipping industry. Larger ships pose multiple challenges to ports and hinterland ...

    Authors: Christopher B. Clott, Bruce C. Hartman and Robert Cannizzaro
    Citation: Journal of Shipping and Trade 2018 3:9
  27. When container shipping lines experience over-capacity and high fuel costs, they typically respond by decreasing sailing speeds and, consequently, increasing transport time. Most of the literature on this phen...

    Authors: Christian Finnsgård, Joakim Kalantari, Zeeshan Raza, Violeta Roso and Johan Woxenius
    Citation: Journal of Shipping and Trade 2018 3:8
  28. Although the original purpose for quality management standards such as ISO 9000 was to facilitate international trade, their effectiveness is widely questioned recently. In the literature, it has been commonly...

    Authors: Yujuan Guo, Abe P. L. Jong and Andy C. L. Yeung
    Citation: Journal of Shipping and Trade 2018 3:7
  29. With the competitive nature of the liner shipping industry, the transshipment hub port selection process has become complicated with numerous decision-making criteria that need to be considered, and competitio...

    Authors: Chathumi Kavirathna, Tomoya Kawasaki, Shinya Hanaoka and Takuma Matsuda
    Citation: Journal of Shipping and Trade 2018 3:4

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